1. Radial 2 Peripheral Intro

    1. How often are you using radial access for lower extremity arterial interventions, and why?

    2. Would you use radial access for chronic total occlusions?

    3. What devices are you using to reach the lower extremities, and how far can you expect the wires to get you?

    4. Are you treating distal tibial disease from radial?

    5. What are some examples of what not to do with radial access?

    6. What is your opinion of primary pedal access?

    7. Do you know of any new radial technologies being developed?

    8. What are some ways to overcome the challenges of radial access?

    9. CME/CE Reflection: Module I

    1. Tell us about how R2P became incorporated into your PAD/CLI practice, and why?

    2. What does the training for R2P look like and how long does it take to get those workflows down and master the technique?

    3. Can you talk a bit about patient selection for R2P?

    4. What is the conversation with the patient about going radial for PAD?

    5. Why do you think there is hesitation to perform R2P?

    6. What is the equipment that is essential for R2P?

    7. What is your radial cocktail and how do you deal with radial spasm?

    8. Walk us step by step through your radial technique.

    9. What are some complications to avoid and your bailout strategies?

    10. Any tips for post procedure care with radial access?

    11. CME/CE Reflection: Module II

    1. Radial to Peripheral Case 1: Iliac Occlusion

    2. Radial to Peripheral Case 2: Common Femoral Artery IVL

    3. Radial to Peripheral Case 3: SFA lesion

    4. Radial to Peripheral Case 4: Complex SFA lesion

    5. Retrospective Study on Radial to Peripheral Cases

    6. CME/CE Reflection: Module III

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