1. Introduction: Module I

    2. What is Deep Venous Arterialization and how does it bring blood to the area of tissue loss?

    3. How long does it take to see results from the DVA procedure?

    4. Who are the best candidates for the DVA procedure?

    5. Are most DVA procedures performed in surgery centers or in hospitals?

    6. Where do you like to create the fistula for the DVA?

    7. Can you walk through how you create the fistula for the DVA?

    8. Do you follow up with imaging or do you manage them clinically?

    9. How would someone with the proper experience go about starting to learn these concepts?

    10. CME/CE Reflection: Module I

    1. Introduction: Module II

    2. Describe DVA and what does distal and proximal refer to in DVAs?

    3. Why was distal DVA preferred when doing this surgically?

    4. How do you choose the artery and how do you evaluate the venous anatomy pre-procedure?

    5. What types of wounds are not good candidates for a DVA?

    6. Can you talk about landing spot, ballooning and stenting when creating a dDVA?

    7. Can you talk about treating the valves, and what are you looking for at follow up?

    8. Where do you see most of the failures on your follow up?

    9. How do you manage these patients medically and at what point to you say it's a clinical failure and the DVA does not work?

    10. CME/CE Reflection: Module II

    1. Introduction: Module III

    2. What is PTAB and the DETOUR system?

    3. Tell us about how you access and use the crossing system in these cases

    4. Tell us about patient selection, risks and contraindications for these cases

    5. Where does DETOUR fit in your algorithm and how steep is the learning curve?

    6. Any tricks to the crossing device, and how do you get trained up for this?

    7. What is the two year patency for this now?

    8. Any weird complications or issues of deep venous reflux with this procedure?

    9. CME/CE Reflection: Module III

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