1. Don Garbett, how did you get interested in starting an OBL?

    2. Nick Petruzzi, how did you get interested in starting an OBL?

    3. How did you convince the people around you that starting an OBL was a good idea?

    4. How did you get the folks around you to buy in and how did you get the group to do the financial buy in?

    5. How did you get other IR partners to come on board and how long were you doing this alone?

    6. What do you say to those afraid to lose their hospital contracts?

    7. Nick, what made you stick with your group instead of venturing out and doing this alone?

    8. Don, what made you stick with your group instead of venturing out and doing this alone?

    9. Any additional problems with coding and billing while building these programs?

    10. CME/CE Reflection: Module I

    1. You have these really unique centers in northwest Indiana, can you tell us about them and how the practice functions?

    2. What do you think the strengths are of your practice considering how unique it is, and how does this relate to working with different specialties?

    3. Pain, veins, and PAE are often concomitant, but do you have time for other procedures?

    4. Patients have compared the process at your centers to a luxury spa, how long did it take to create that?

    5. What was it like joining an already established pain practice and why did you pick ASC vs. an all OBL model?

    6. What are the pros and cons of being an owner of your own practice?

    7. While growing, how did you decide on locations for your additional clinics and how did you deal with your property acquisitions?

    8. Sounds like your business model required you to turn away patients other people would have treated, how did this affect growth?

    9. CME/CE Reflection: Module II

    1. What was the timeline from the idea being accepted until it opened and did you install fixed units?

    2. How much time was needed vs expected between acquiring the building and starting seeing patients?

    3. How did you go about evaluating different vendors for your OBL?

    4. What are you doing to actively market your practice?

    5. Did you get any pressure from diagnostic partners when your opening started to get delayed?

    6. How has getting involved in clinical trials benefited your practice?

    7. What were some unexpected challenges experienced in your first year open?

    8. Do you include other physicians within your clinic?

    9. How could having built bigger from the start been advantageous?

    10. CME/CE Reflection: Module III

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