1. When you started there was no program in place so how did you get it started?

    2. How did you let docs know you could treat these patients as well as some of your colleagues?

    3. What referring docs did you target at first?

    4. Is your PAD program officially labeled as a center of excellence?

    5. Tell us about your vascular lab, and do you think the RPVI certification is necessary for everyone to have?

    6. How is your relationship with cardiologists and vascular surgeons?

    7. How do you market your program? Do you use social media?

    8. CME/CE Reflection: Module I

    1. Tell us about starting your own practice and how did you two meet?

    2. How did you decide to bring in someone from a different specialty into your practice?

    3. Did you get any negative feedback from vascular surgery colleagues?

    4. Did you have any challenges getting hospital privileges for your IR partner?

    5. What do you think is the future for more collaborative vascular practices?

    6. CME/CE Reflection: Module II

    1. What made you decide to develop a dedicated CLI team and how did you start building this team from scratch?

    2. Where are your patients coming from?

    3. What does your multidisciplinary team for CLTI look like?

    4. What has changed in the treatment of CLTI in the last decade?

    5. What new technologies and techniques are you incorporating into your practice?

    6. Walk us through how you perform DVA procedures for CLTI patients.

    7. In summary, what is most important while building a CLI team?

    8. CME/CE Reflection: Module III

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